Step #1

Contact us via with as much detail about your project as possible. Some information we need to know includes total quantity, number of colors and print locations (front, back, sleeve, labels, etc.) in your designs.
You may email or use our quote request form

1.Your Screen is prepared with emulsion
2. A transparent film with your design is printed
3. The screen is exposed to UV
4. The screen is washed out, creating a stencil where the ink will pass through
5. This process is repeated for each color in your design.
6. The screen will be set up in the press, and if multiple colors will be registered (aligned).
7. Test pulls to check for any issues, correct print order of colors, flashing (gel cure for 2 hits), color accuracy, etc.
8. Your shirt order is checked in to make sure we received all items in your order.
9. Shirts will be printed and cured through the conveyor dryer to correct temp.
10. Notify customer their order is ready and arrange for pickup / shipping. We ship primarily with UPS but also can arrange a messenger for same day deliveris in NYC.

Step #2

We will reply with pricing

Step #3
We begin the process with 50% of total invoice via cash, check, credit card, or paypal>

Step #4
We will send you a digital to-scale mockup of your design on a shirt template.